Service, Production and Distribution Provider

“To Discover Cultural SILLKROAD “

DAMAMEDIA is a Media “Service, Production and Distribution Provider” that Organized and planned efforts have been made to develop the SILKROAD countries media, especially character-based animation, with

  • Providing Production, Marketing, supply, Publication and Distribution services for Media companies.
  • Partnership with producers, broadcasts, Platform, VODs, …
  • Coproduction in Feature films and series (specially animation).

DAMAMEDIA By being present in global markets, we offer ourself and our partners products, projects and services to audiences and customers.

Marketing, Presenting, Distributing, publishing and selling these media products in worldwide markets.

  • TV -Web series
  • Cinema Movies
  • Games (PC and Mobile) | VR (Virtual reality) | AR (Augmented Reality)
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DAMAMEDIA is an "Ever Mind Media" company

Active as "Service, Production and Distribution Provider"

DAMA is benefiting the participation and useful experiences of its partners and committed to work directly and closely with them. In addition to consulting on various matters, DAMA refers specific matters to the relevant individuals or companies.

DAMAMEDIA is an “EverMind Media” company

We never ever use “Never mind” on any content we produce, provide or publish, because we care our audience safety from unsuitable content, specially we care our(your) family & kids.


We believe we can show you the invisible. We challenge ourselves, and others, to this motivation, to make the impossible possible. We go boldly into the darkness and find the light. We dream bigger, reach higher and achieve greater every day.


  • Development of SILKROAD’s countries media ecosystem including China, Russia, Iran and the countries of Central Asia.
  • Happiness and awareness of the audience.
  • Significant economic development and international influence of the animation and game industry of the beneficiaries with the help of cooperation between governments and economic activists in the relevant fields in the Silk Road region.
  • Aggregation of educational, startup, entrepreneurship, production, investment, consumption, etc. capacities by developing the design and production of content-oriented products in the world, under one cloud roof.
  • Targeted production and distribution of content, according to the rules and standards of the world day to create better opportunities for members.
  • Profitability for the beneficiaries through the branding of attractive animation characters and collections and the development of cultural, artistic, video, entertainment, digital and… Editing and so on.
  • Identifying and designing opportunities for development, innovation and participation in projects related to animation with repetition and scalability.
  • Prosperity, identity creation and positioning of the animation industry of the target countries
  • Presenting the culture and literature of the beneficiaries to the world
  • Generating wealth, creating an independent, healthy and stable economic cycle for the beneficiaries
  • Creating equal opportunities for the development of underprivileged talents
  • Facilitating animation trade and business in the world for stakeholders

Facilitating employment in order to grow and develop the animation industry in the world.

DAMA Values

  • Adherence to scientific and technical principles and criteria, considering the principle of “quality” as a sustainable code of life,
  • fulfilling the company’s obligations with the best quality, on time and at a reasonable cost, respect for customers and confidentiality in ideas and plans, increasing effectiveness through the use of modern technologies, creativity and innovation, improving the quality of work life of employees, moving towards organizational excellence by identifying and monitoring tangible and evidence-based results in all dimensions.
  • The organization values responsibility, collaboration, visual creativity graphic diversity, optimism, thematic or narrative superiority, graphic superiority, customer friendliness and customer orientation, teamwork spirit and quality standard.
  • We pledge to make every effort to flourish the animation industry in the Silkroad area, to create an independent, safe and stable economic cycle, and to create equal opportunities for the development of the deprived talents with regard to confidentiality in ideas, believing in meritocracy and maintaining the spirit of teamwork,
  • We believe in ourselves and our teammates and accept that we perform our work in this center based on the center’s programs and priorities, pragmatic and concerned, and committed to the goals, vision, mission and values of the Center. By joining this team, we accept all the
  • challenges, fears and risks and face them, and do our best to identify the needs and goals of the center and try to provide more than expected.
  • Our effort is to act as a team, to manage our energy, and to have courage, perseverance and practice on the basis of honesty.

The Stories We Like

Mankind interested in tales and stories always.

stories are an important part of our beliefs and have reflected on our lives.

We have a passion for making cinematic Animation films that have all the adventure, Comedy and entertainment of a feature but at a much lower cost. Our style of narrative storytelling is based around highly imaginative story ideas that are typically allegorical & center on such universal themes as friendship, love, fear, alienation & hope.

We are interested in Co-production of feature animation films, and is open to collaboration.

What makes us different is our desire to create films that entertain and inspire.


Dama is working with multinational experts worldwide, Here we inroduce key members of our team.

Saeid Tarkhani

Animation Director & Producer

Born in 1977 , Tehran 

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from Tehran university

Amin Mousavi
Board member

Seydamin Mousavizadeh:Researcher, writer, television producer. Graduated Mousavizadeh has an impressive record of television production, having produced and directed various works for channels such as Channel Shama and Channel One. Additionally, he is an accomplished writer, having authored fiction and non-fiction books, as well as children's books. Mousavizadeh has also contributed to various media outlets through articles, translations, and songwriting.