DAMA Media Distribution Service

“To Discover Cultural SILLKROAD“

Development of SILKROAD’s countries media ecosystem

DAMAMEDIA With the support and supervision of the office of Vice President for Science and Technology of IRAN. Organized and planned efforts have been made to develop the export of SILKROAD countries media specially animation and games with the help of animation and game companies, studios and teams. Marketing, sales, publishing, raising capital and have been doing.


 Facilitate trade and export development of SILKROAD MEDIA. Wealth generation, creating an independent, healthy and stable economic cycle and creating equal opportunities, laying the groundwork for the production of quality products and developing foreign markets, and economic and cultural interaction with television networks broadcasters, companies and related global organizations.

Value Additions of DAMA

Local Partner | Marketing products in the target market, negotiating for new projects, legal and contractual interactions, as well as delivering

project to overseas customers with the help of natives of the target country who are familiar with the culture and laws of that country.

Ensuring financial processes as well as taking the necessary measures to transfer money to the country through the money transfer mechanism and financial guarantee. Attending the most

important related event, Presence of representatives based overseas in important and effective events and related markets and offering products to potential customers in person.