TV series


Pit & Boombo

Director | Iman Amini  Producer | TAKAMfilm Technic | 2D Digital Animation Audience | 5-10  None Dialogue |  100* 3 min  – in Pre-production 


The angel of love tries to make the lonely people of the planet “Jupila” who have forgotten love fall in love

On a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, a thin man with a long and unkempt beard that covers his eyes, named Peter Anderson, is stranded. He was the only person who survived a shipwreck nearby many years ago. has taken.
He has a hard-working, stupid, curious, idea-oriented and a little lucky character, of course, apart from him, a rooster has been saved. A smart, fighting and proud rooster that protects Pete from dangers.
Pete is not the only one who lives on this island, this island also has a native inhabitant who lived there before Pete.
Bumbo, a man whose only clothing is a skirt made of plants, has lines and drawings on his body.
He also has a hard-working, mysterious, mischievous, unlucky, smart and funny character, he speaks with an island language that is a combination of the words “Boom Bam Bim…”, and usually the combination of these words includes several repeated sentences. Whether he uses them during an attack, a feast or a prayer ceremony, in every episode he is trying to hunt Pete, of course, Pete’s thin and thin body is a contradiction for him to be the prey of a day.
He has a prayer ceremony with his own dance and performs it whenever he wants to prepare for hunting.
Bumbo never succeeds in hunting down Pete, and Pete never sees him, and sometimes even indirectly helps Pete escape.
The main obstacle for Pete not to be hunted by Bumbo is Rooster, he feels indebted to Pete, because Pete also saved him while escaping from the sinking ship and brought him to the island with him, Bumbo hates Rooster very much. He is afraid and refuses to face him, the action of the story and the chase is usually between the rooster and Bumbo.
Sometimes boxes and objects fall from the ocean or from the sky, whose contents are the theme of the same episode.
Their content can be one of the following: a device that helps Pete escape the island, a living creature such as an animal, something that might be interesting to Bombo, a device that relates to the present…
Due to the fact that this island was remote and uninhabited, it remained untouched and has unique plants and animals that we may not have seen before.
Secondary characters will be added over time.
Volcano Mountain: In fact, it is an island, it has allergies, and sometimes its sneezing causes the island to shake or smoke to come out of its mouth, it is emotional and always controls the situation. Sometimes he helps Pete to avoid being hunted.
Three grazing animals: which are always fixed and are munching on something between a cow and a rhinoceros, they usually do not have an impact on the story, but they play a role in the chases.
Cannibal plant, a giant plant that devours its prey is vicious and usually eats Bombo, but Bombo can escape from its mouth.
A cowardly tree: that walks on two legs and runs away for the smallest thing. We don’t notice him until his eyes are closed, but when he feels danger, he raises his hands with a scream and runs away, Bumbo sometimes notices him and scares him as a joke.
The carnivorous fish in the marsh inside the forest, the small fish with sharp teeth in the marsh, and the bombo are caught in the chases. They are very wild and have no mercy on anything, even Bombo’s skirt…
big fish in the sea, a big fish (something like a shark) that is in the sea and sometimes swallows Pete or Bombo.
The part of the ship that Pete and the rooster survived is always visible on the beach.
Pete’s house is built near the beach, a simple house with straw and wood, next to it there is a garden and a small nest for roosters.
Pete always keeps a fire burning high above.
Bumbo’s house is a globe-shaped house in the forest made of mats, surrounded by skeletons, he always performs prayers and dances around a steaming pot.
Rooster is not able to fly, but sometimes it can fly a little in short distances.

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