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ARTS startup from DAMA in "TIM 2023"

ARTS(from DAMA) was honored as a Top startup in 5th Technology investment meeting TIM 2023

What happened at the Technology Investment Meeting TIM2023?

The 5th technology investment meeting TIM2023 was held on February 27 and 28 at the Pardis Technology Park, Tehran province.

The opening ceremony was held with following speeches:
First, Ambassador Isiaka Abdulqadir Imam the head of the D-8.
Second, Dr. Ruhollah Dehghani Vice President of Science Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy and The Head of National Elites Foundation.
Third, Mr. Saffari Nia, the head of Technology exchange and transfer network of D-8.
Fourth, Dr. Nihad Abunaser, focal point of Turkey, and finally Ms. Nor Azlina Binti Ariffin, focal point of Malaysia.
Also in this ceremony the draft of D-8 Co-Fund Initiative was unveiled.

As the Event went on, Customer Insight Panel started with the participation of Mr. Vahid Fakhr (DigiNext Investment Manager, Iran), Mr. Arash Qashmi (Saad Academy manager of Saderat Bank, Iran) and Ms. Derya Dagli (Bogazici Ventures, Turkey).
Then Startups in the field of Information Technology (IT) including Bayan Rayan, Keesht – Khesht, Dataak, APIConsole, LiFA, Room 360, Rayacoin and Golrizo & startups in the field of health including: Iranfertility, RSI, Genome Solve, RFSbiotech, Sana Viva, Spoo and LiliPad introduced their products in front of investors. Finally, investors and investees met in the B2B meeting hall and negotiated for further cooperations.

The Second and last day of TIM2023 Event, started with the Industry Case Panel with participation of Mr. Mohamad Hosein Ghaffari (Bonyano Co. CEO. Iran), Mr Mustafa Bora Tokyay (Kavaken startup Cofounder & CEO, Turkey), Mr Saeed Ali Majad and Ms. Azlinda Juffry (MYIOL Startup, Malaysia).
Afterward, startups in the field of advanced materials and engineering services including: Hayka, Moli, DrillAI, Burntub, Poly conductive, Borna nano, Watensys, PPA & startups in the field of Cultural and educational industries including Toptech, Ipaaco, Comica, Nemovbal, Dama and Pixtell, presented their ideas and plans.

The program was followed by the Investment Incentives Panel with the representatives of Iran, Turkey and Malaysia.

At the end of the Event, 5 top startups were honored with the names: Dama, Borna nano, Toptech, MYIOL (Malaysia) & DrillAI and finally the poster of next year’s event (TIM2024) was reveiled and it was announced that Malaysia will host the next round of this investment meeting in July 2024.