VOD - Broadcast TV channel

Hiva Media Group is, in one sentence, a producer and distributor of content.
Our production templates include:
• Movies and animated series.
• Films and live story series.
• TV programs (talk, competition, talent search, reality shows, etc.).
• Movies and documentary series.
• Live broadcasting of events (sports leagues and cultural and artistic festivals.)
• Short Film.
• Theater and teletheater.
• Offline and online computer and mobile games.
• Side products based on produced content such as: books, toys, stationery, dolls, board games.

Hiva – continuous improvement of life
It is not necessary to look for explosive or sudden changes to improve life, but any kind of improvement or modification provided that it is continuous and continuous will bring improvement of productivity in our life and our family.
Hiva emphasizes gradual changes and increasing awareness and life skills. It does not consume significant resources (time, capital, etc.), and since it involves the participation of children and their parents in all levels of life, it leads to tremendous changes. Hiva is a life management system that moves with time. If we want to change the fate of our family and society, we must start with ourselves and our children.