Today, the importance of management knowledge and lifestyle for our society has become more and more clear, skills such as negotiation methods, body language, time management, creativity, entrepreneurship, teamwork, leadership, psychology, recognizing personality and behavior, etc. .
Obviously, the acquisition of these skills is done to compensate for the lack of education during elementary, high school, and university, and there are few people who do not accept the lack of such courses and skills in educational units, schools, and universities.
The problem is the lack of attractive educational content with the above topics for the age groups of children and teenagers, content that simplifies the content in terms of management content and life skills based on a coherent educational structure, in a simple and visual language. The souls and lives of our children.
Our goal is to launch MBA-DBA courses for children and teenagers using animation, puzzles and games online, applications, videos and games. This project has an international distribution and will earn its income from the sale of programs on mobile platforms, student tablets, the right to broadcast TV and home channels, IPTVs, Internet broadcasts, etc.