A trade mark and copyright licensing success story

Multiple award-winning Hong Kong brand Gee Kingdom started licensing two of their prominent character lines, “Mikoko & Nikolas” and “Adorable Dogs”, in 2015 to clients in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and beyond Mainland China and South America to great success. Today, numerous mainstream consumer products ranging from toys and backpacks to inflatables, and even shopping malls featuring these popular characters can be found in different markets. Commenting on their business path, Co-Founder and Creative Director Nikolas Siu says that they started creating these and other characters in 2013,

Registering trade marks and leveraging copyright to protect their ownership. However, through taking part in leading trade shows and meeting buyers, manufacturers and agents at these events, their licensing business took off. “Licensing IP assets has a lot of potential for continuous business growth,” he added. For startups who wish to follow Gee Kingdom’s footsteps, Siu advises that their creations must have commercial appeal and can be easily turned into mainstream products.