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The content industry is devouring the world

The content industry is devouring the world, and in the meantime, the countries that cannot enter this market will not only be deprived of the benefits of the big market of this industry, but will already lose in this money-making competition of culture and art. No country or government wants to leave the public’s thoughts in the hands of others, but on the other hand, the people, or rather, the audience of the media, need food for thought and, most importantly, content and of course entertainment.

Undoubtedly, all countries, small and large, small and large, like that the content that their people see in the media is derived from their own thinking, culture, ethics and perspective, at least they are not just consumers and culture, history and art. They also transmit themselves to the next generations, and perhaps in this way, create happiness, awareness and income for their people.


“An international production and distribution network”, which will become a stable and profitable business within four years.

A network that will introduce” EVERMIND (Halal) MEDIA” brand in 5 categories and in 3 phases.

The first phase includes “marketing”, “supply and distribution”, and “training”.

The second phase includes “international coproduction acceleration”.

And the third phase includes the world of metaverse and content production in the field of blockchain and crypto like NFT.

We believe that, determination and cooperation should be done beyond the borders between Silkroad people, and we think that this can be done with the friendship and handshake of the these countries and people of the world. We are one together.


Why should small countries also join the content production industry and its side products?

1. The future belongs to the content owners

2. Content-based products are attractive and profitable

3. Creating cheap, fast and low-cost employment

4. Providing the development of education in the country

5. Impact on cultural maintenance and development of each country

6. Being clean and friendly to the environment

7. And other reasons…


Content production, especially animation and game production, although it has the possibility of generating a lot of income and a lot of profit.

But it also has many artistic and technical generalities and details that if they are not paid attention to during ideation or production, it will cause a lot of capital to be lost. There are a lot of failure experiences among builders and investors in this field, and for this reason, these industries are considered high-risk industries.

Despite their high risk, both governments and private investors are interested and sometimes need to enter this industry.

For this reason, a solution is needed to increase the confidence factor and the chance of success of content productions such as games and animations.

Idea generation, project design, budgeting, management and team building in animation, especially Iranian animation, have important and detailed points.

  which makes studios or big companies in this industry not be formed so easily. Lack of stability in the planning and projects of the companies, lack of appropriateness of the strength and expertise of the forces, lack of coordination between different production departments, etc.

On the other hand, our country and more importantly, the Middle East region, has a high need for breeding heroes, local products with signs or stories and concerns of this region, needs to be seen by small and medium companies by the people of this region. is also very important.

Obstacles in the ecosystem of content-oriented industries:

1- The incompleteness of the content industry ecosystem in developing countries or small countries in question.

2- The lack of infrastructure and a reliable trustee to create a safe and reliable platform for the interactions of actors and stakeholders of this ecosystem in the international space.

3- Expensiveness of the process of defining international multilateral projects.

4- Expensiveness of international interactions in terms of getting to know the parties, reaching mutual understanding and agreements necessary to define joint global projects.

5- The complexity of financial processes in multilateral international partnerships.

6- Lack of sufficient knowledge among all stakeholders about the standards and processes of content production and its ancillary products and services.

7- The complexity of work interactions during the production and sale of international content-oriented products

8- And other problems that are caused by the difference in cultures, laws and work methods among the activists and beneficiaries of different countries.

proposed solution:

This non-exclusive and international network (platform) that brings together all the stakeholders and actors of the content production industry under one roof and facilitates the relations between them in a fair way and helps to provide a platform for transparent and reliable interactions. to guarantee the standard and quality in the content production process as well as in the produced products.

By providing training during production using real materials and elements of each project, the possibility of learning in the practical environment of the project is greatly increased and even the possibility of working during training is provided for those interested and volunteers. This is implemented using standard and uniform methods for projects and it causes coordination in the level of team members’ abilities and as a result achieve uniform productions.

Completing the industry cycle means the presence of all the stakeholders of this industry under one roof and under the supervision of one platform, which is governed by specific and fixed rules. It has certain processes and standards and it is managed based on the votes of elites and experts who are members of this group and benefit from the correct rotation of the system.