The vegan wolf, the sole heir of “Gundolf” castle, is an unsuccessful writer that tries to become a great one, but he has to do his ancestor ghost orders to destroy their clever neighbor (goats) house otherwise the soul of a wandering grandfather would not leave him never ……

Director | Saeid Tarkhani Producer | TAKAMfilm Technic | 2D Digital Animation Audience | 7-14 Primary Language | Persian Format | 26*12 min ready 26*12 in production Dubb | English – Urdu

” Goergy “

GEORGY The Last and Only Descendant of the Old Story Wolf .The unsuccessful author of a satire magazine, Unexpectedly informed that he had inherited a great wealth with a large house from his father’s uncle a fact that he was not even aware of. He is an obscene fool, is interested in invention and innovation, has some personality contradictions indifferent situations.

” Auntiof “

Auntiof Goergy ancestor’s ghost (Goergy ‘s father’s uncle) The same characteristics as we expect it from a ghost,An old wolf that only thinks of revenge on the goats. He has written a book that is the result of his ancestors’ efforts to destroy the goats. Auntiof is forcing Goergy to keep up his ancestors goal. Gorge ‘s ancestors and relatives were all geniuses in various disci-plines who, with all their geniuses, failed to defeat the goats, and all of them was fantastically destroyed during these efforts . Now the spirit of Auntiof wants to get the last survivor to takerevenge for all these years.

” Shaan”

Shaan Older brother Insanely interested in martial arts mature teenager, he is the only one who believes in hostility with wolves.

” Moony”

Moony Big sister Specialist in computer, smart and tricky She is very enthusiastic about online re-search, he answers to any question.

” Honey”

Honey Younger sister Although still unable to speak and always has a pacifier in his mouth, is very clever and knowledgeable, Very lively and lovely.

Three playful siblings who can do everything when they are together …

What is the story about?

Many years after the old story, the descendants of goat and wolf, are still living in neighborhood. George, the last surviving wolf is rich, and the goats have a simple life. ”Gundolf” the castle of wolf is located among “Palma” the vast and large land of goats …

THE WOLF ancestors who believed that the goats had oppressed them have demanded, in the will of their heirs, that they should take revenge on the goats and seize their estates and house in anyway. Although George likes to be alone in privacy and write his novel, but “Auntiof” (George ancestor’s ghost) does not leave him alone and forces him instantly to take revenge on the goats.

World|Wide Folk and ancient stories are very attractive, stories that, while is too simple, have great and profound concepts that should be familiar to children and be listened by our kids Some of this folklor stories says, We must be careful about violent and devil people who are presenting themselves in the modern and urban clothing “Go Goergy Go” Animation Based on “Gundolf Castle” Book is story of the battle of rich knowledegment avengers with simple and ordinary people