Animals Park

Director | Iman Amini  Technic | 2D Digital Animation Audience | 5-10 Primary Language | English  Format | 102*3 min ready for investment and coproduction


… park, a place for all animals to live there peacefully, a calm and safe place.

Animals live like humans, they are friendly, have fun with each other and sometimes they do something that they not suposed to do. Now our narator comes in and explain to them what is right and what is wrong(educational point)

They care about each other and respect others feelings and emotions.

And if someone is in trouble, others will do whatever they can to make things right.

they learn to care about nature, don’t be afraid of darkness, make new games, and be creative.

In this series there is no single hero and in every animal can be hero of the story.

In every episode, animals get into troubles and together they overcome the situation.


Animals live in a protected area, but in their imaginations they can go to fantastic worlds.


It might come to seem ridiculous, but all Animals of the world live freely in this park, a park away from ruckus and completely safe, they do not talk to each other but interact with each other ,Carnivores, does not eat vegetarians , because our goal in this  show is not to show Animal life, animals are mischievous, They mess with each other and meanwhile they do some thing they should not do, This is where our narrator enters and warns them of things.(Ding! Educational Tip).


elephent: he is playful and smart. he can invent things and sometimes make a mess.

giraffe: he is friend of elephent. Sometimes his tall neck comes in handy.

hippopotamus: she is the only girl in the bunch. She reads many books and know many things. She is sensitive, kind and obsessive about cleaning and hygiene.

lion: He is bright and clever. When someone need help, he is the first one that comes.


character graphics and space based on simple shapes are considered for this animated series,Simple and Understandable forms for Young age group,


Texture of The animation is “Pose to Pose” and emphasize is on cycle.


Forest, Pond, Plain, Mountain, River


Elephant: Round shape with stepped trunk

Playful, vicious, trustworthy,cute

Giraffe: Usually his long neck comesto Help others , slow, pessimistic

Rhino: square shape, fixed, strong, trusted

Hippos: kind, child lover,powerful