The angel of love tries to make the lonely people of the planet “Jupila” who have forgotten love fall in love

Director | Saeid Tarkhani Producer | TAKAMfilm Technic | 2D Digital Animation Audience | 15-25 None Dialogue |  100* 3 min 

” Q “

angel of love
He loves to make people fall in love and he does it in different ways.
Of course, sometimes he uses his supernatural abilities to have fun and his playfulness, which sometimes causes trouble.

“Bijool “

(archetype: Dionysus)

He is stupid and overly emotional and loves his profession. Stupidity, stupidity, sabotage at every moment. He is headless, dancing, thoughtless and unlucky. He does not have a good financial situation, but he spends money from other people’s pockets, he is stubborn and never accepts his mistakes and always justifies them.
Bijul does not pay much attention to order and cleanliness. In driving, he is impulsive but full of pretentiousness. He is lazy and is not selfless in any way. Misunderstandings and his lack of proper understanding of his fiance cause challenges and of course funny situations. He is mischievous like children and likes to do unusual things and play with everything. Mischievousness, simplicity, and the active child inside him, spoil the story every time. To achieve his desires, Bijoule does strange, imaginative, impractical, and in his opinion smart things. It creates joy.

“Mijool “

(Archetype: Persephone)

“Bijool” lover, very sensitive and quick-tempered, from the middle class of society, very innocent and flexible, very naive and inexperienced, dreamer, very calm and gentle, lover of pink color, lover of fortune-telling and love stories, Bijul like A prince riding a white horse knows, usually he does not express his interest in “Bijool”.
Mijol can cry for hours for what he wants, he loves ornaments and jewelry. People of prayer, meditation, yoga and…

The Jooles are come the planet “Jupila” from various planets from the far reaches of the galaxy. Although they have similarities, they also have many differences. They have exaggerations and absurdities of thought and behavior that cause humor and comedy. Each story is a caricature or cartoon of behavioral and relationship mistakes between women and men in the society and deals with the concerns of relationships between men and women.