درختان را دوست داشته باشید تا برگ هایشان سقوط کنند و آنها را مجددا امتحان کنید.

روشـنـایـی را دنـبـال کـنـیـد

تصاویر منتخب

مکان های مورد علاقه من روی زمین، آب های وحشی است که جنگل بازوهایش را باز می کند و منحنی نقره ای رودخانه، مسافر را به آغوش خود آغشته می کند.




The human race is extinct And only human objects remain live in this city. ” Xe ” and “Ro” are two Adventurer teenagers that they are fighting with “Big mouth” and his tyros for solving the city problems.

” Xe “

Girly doll, 10 years old, cautious, taciturn and with Using high level. she believes that they are heroes of the city. The secret heroes that no one take them serious and because of this they have not reached their original position. She knows the history of all objects in the museum.

” Ro “

Boy toy with 10 years old, brave , talkative, he doesn’t have full information but he proud of his information. He loves heroic deeds and he gets himself involved in adventures and he is always planning.

 They are classmates in the school and neighbors, two friends that spend most of their time together. They have  a lots of differences but one thing keep them together that is dissatisfaction and ambition. They consider themselves worthy of a higher status and believe that the adults like; parents, teacher and sibling ; don’t understand them and their talent. They are looking for new adventure in city and They consider themselves the city’s secret heroes.

“Big mouth “

He is the biggest criminal men in city that all the people afear him . He loves chaos and he enjoyed of annoying people.

Big mouths tyros are:

Cruel, stupid ,unlucky , inept . They are obedient always and they don’t have any authority.