Dama is working with multinational experts worldwide, Here we inroduce key members of our team.

Saeid Tarkhani

Animation Director & Producer

Born in 1977 , Tehran 

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from Tehran university

Amin Mousavi
Board member

Seydamin Mousavizadeh:Researcher, writer, television producer. Graduated from Allameh Tabatabai University with honors in philosophy. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering in Oil Process Design from South Tehran Azad University.Management background: managing director of Nivand company (educational and research services), Parand Parsian (clothing and fashion), chairman of the board of technology and innovation of Aya (oil and gas industry), managing director of Sebas publishing (book) and direct sales magazine (Economic magazine) ).Records of television production: producer and director of works such as Hamalqmeh (Channel Shama, IRIB) and Tekya Ye Kelamat (Education Channel, IRIB), Sharah Safar (Simai Shahrashtanha) and the fictional series Salva (Channel One, IRIB). Creating several short and semi-long fiction works such as bright future, winter midnight dream, control, funny logarithm, etc.The field of writing and journalism: author of three fiction books, illustrator and author of two children's books, author of a non-fiction book on humanities. Compiled and translated more than 300 notes and informative articles in media such as Iran newspaper, Hamshahri newspaper, Ibna news agency, Rudaki publication, etc. Editor of Rudaki's cultural and literary publications and then. Editing of more than 50 book titles. Songwriting for five pieces of music.