Co-Production Animation Projects

Our expert coleagues (Artists) are ready to give all kinds of services in most techniques of animation like 2D-3D-Traditional-Digital-Stop motion, etc

International Co-production means more audiences more market share and lower risk.

So, We introduce you some international animation projects that needs international partners in:

• Co investement

• Co Production 

• Co Publishement


Let's be seen together more Often,

We use Creative graphical artworks Towards achieving Different techniques like • 2D Traditional Animation • 2D Digital Animation • 3D Stop Motion Animation • 3D digital Animation (Max, Maya) • Cutout Animation • Motion graphic (2D.3D)

We do on contact job work and also produce our own animated content which is sold to content distributors and online content providers. All our contents are with copyright licenses to us and are original unpublished content which becomes a fast source of revenue for those dealing in content distribution and sales.

Professional actors and a talented technical team delivers the goods . The films stand out for acting , visualizationand a harmonious feel. The film production is managed by experts in the field . They do not waste footage or film and guarantee feature quality content. We are presenting some of our work profiles.

From Idea, concept, character design, theme, layouts, animate , rendering , editing , voice over and everything for:
• Commercials
• TV or Web Animation series
• ShortFilms
• Movies or Feature Films
• And etc …

Here are co-production projects, ready for invest or any kind of partnership : 


DAMAMEDIA is an "Ever Mind Media" company

Active as "Service, Production, Ditribution and Publishment provider"

We never ever use “Never mind” on any content we produce, provide or publish. Because we care our audience safety from unsuitable content, specially we care our(your) family & kids.

  • Safe content
  • Safe kids
  • Safe family